Abhi the Nomad

"Wide Awake (Parquet Courts Remix)"

[Verse 1]
If you don't like me, you unconscious
Do it like dimes when I dive in the pocket
Last year I was on the suicide watch list
Now I get the whole crowd jumping and moshing (obnoxious)
Rappers do the most for the blog hits
I be on my long game: I mean I'm doing lob-hits
S'why I keep growing and their albums are flopping
The f*ck you expect when you polishing dogsh*t?
Oh you got iced out watches?
You gon' need that, you'll be gone in a clock tick
'til they dive six feet deep in a box
And their label is dropping their "posthumous top hits" (Watch this!)
I'll be in my hoodie in the back
Bang bang boogie I'm bringing the boogie back
I'm goodie, I'm brown Scott Mescudi you do the math
I ain't had a cosign or a goddamn dap
f*ck a handout!
Did it from building a foundation
Moving around places
Did it without payment
I'm the man now
All these racks and bank statements
Back with mad flavor
Black and mild tasting
Nasty ass
Back to back to back to back with
Sold out shows with black and white faces (Yah)
I could make 'em bend at the knees but they all stay sleeping

I'm wide awake
Y'all still deep in sleep
I'm wide awake
Y'all still deep in sleep
I'm wide awake

[Verse 2]
I don't rock denim and suede
With black sweats and my socks
I'm a gentleman babe
At dinnertime, white linens and a porter with steak
I'm sort of on a roll, f*ck it I'ma order a case
Pick up the pace like arriba, andele ay
I cannot stop my amigo I'm a dominant race
We been in your gas stations for many decades
And now we in your radios and they try and complain (I'm wide awake)
I don't even smoke but I might chew dip and get nauseous
So you can watch God spit
Jaw locked, dropping they flustered and flocking like doves in New York and the cedar in Austin
Beating the odds and my demons with caution
Hi-def audio beaming in lossless
Meek with the wins, Big Sean with the losses
Greatest of all, Mike Scott from the Office (Bang)

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