"I Promise"

(On a normal)
Ain't nobody badder than (Niko)
(Girl) I promise
If you love me wellaa
I go treat you wellaa
I promise
If you love me wellaa
I go treat you wellaa oh
I promise you
If you love me wellaa
I go treat you wellaa
I promise
If you love me wellaa
I go treat you wellaa Oh
I promise you

Yeh, girl this your love I no go use am play
Never oh ne-ver
Toba ti ya sho ma tele mi lole
Abena oh bena
Bad girl you be one tin tin
You Dey make every guys wanna gba clean shii
Your love is crazy moti ni chichin
Toba shey Temi I fi go fall sick
I Dey for you for any weather
I cover you I be mayweather
For your matter I go fight Kung Fu
Beat rambo I Dey for you
I promise
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