Hood2Hood lyrics



Yo, yo, yo, yeah
Hey Hit, that's some nice new pieces you got
Bracelets, trinkets and necklaces
Yeah, yo
Real sh*t only, yeah

[Verse 1]
Super Bowl champs celebrate like me
With Escobar cigars, let me say my peace
Money attract money, statewide hustlers
Jewelry sellers exposed by these fake watch busters
And they ain't teach savin' monеy to young n*ggas
Young warriors, I wanna see them all in position
Best to have it on you, hopе you don't go down for possession
Mom's puttin' up the house to bail you out when arrested
How did I become number one? I'm one-of-one
Flyin' down the 101, right under the Cali' sun
Junior M.A.F.I.A. out the subs, shorty calling me "Son"
If one clique make a million today, it probably be us
Probably because my Midas touch for viral stuff
Rappers wanna shoot up the studio, they tired of us
We know that controversy sells so y'all good
When I drop, they hear me on every block hood to hood

Red Hook, Fort Greene, Canarsie
(Hood to hood)
Far Rock, East New York, QB
Compton, Long Beach, IE
(Hood to hood)
Southside of Chicago, players in the D
Hood to hood
[Verse 2]
If we all made n*ggas then why is we beefin'?
When them Jewish brothers be chillin' Shabbat Friday evening
Even in jail, I hear the Latins got each other back
Not us, we jump each other for the phone it comes to black
Don't worry 'bout nobody else tryna energy match
Sense any cap and that's when I really attack
I'm OJ with the memorabilia, had to steal it back
Like the Nas flow we be hearin' on your tracks
Stop that my guy, you are not that my guy
That feeling to be a king, can't top that my guy
King's Disease, I'm still poppin' these young things
Got me thinkin' like Amerie, it's this one thing
Floaties in the pool, got drones over the roof
Just like Drakeo The Ruler, my n*gga, we know the truth
I put out dangerous art, I'm convinced
It's a mix of Paisley Park Prince with Supreme Team Prince

Big up to Paisley, shout out to 40, Harlem
(Hood to hood)
Lincoln Houses, Castle Hill, Bronx sh*t
On the Westside, in the Jungles, to the 60s
(Hood to hood)
Out in O-Town, to Vallejo, where the pimps be
Hood to hood
DC got big ol' guns
B'More got big ol' guns
ATL got big ol' guns
And big ol' buns and big ol' funds, yeah
Miami got lots of sun, yeah
Dade County got big ol' guns, yeah
Stop messin' around, put the pistols down
Or we all will soon be done, dead
Hood to hood to mansion to mansion
That's the new version of (Hood to hood)
Yeah, new excursions, yeah
Block parties, on the block, the new block
Your house and my house, ha ha
Hood to hood
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