Legendary lyrics


Elton John

[Verse 1]
Say I got a halo, but a set of horns is what I rep
They tell me blow my top like volcanos
But death is sworn I bet
With all these meds I swallow, my head of thorns
Will just cause my final breathe
No it doesn’t, no more judgement, slow those punches
Need to stop, I’m witholdin' grudges
Losing friends and I’m actin' like I’m withholding nothin'
Petty schemes with any means that’s necessary
Pretty rings there’s many things that’s less than scary
Legendary, underground in my cemetery
Then I found the sounds for my diеtary
I’m almost twenty and not even famous
I hatе it, I’m constantly changin'
Provide for my family, can’t even work
I’m as broke as my back and I’m beating addiction
So tell me which feeling is worse
The last I was truly happy
Was seein' my son being brought to this earth
But I’m still feeling numb and I hate my self
'Cause I should of cried so what am I worth?


[Verse 2]
Can’t even lie, hide in my lines
Never have I been truly expressin' myself, 'cause I despise
The sight of the creases that’s under my eyes
The thoughts that occur everyday, are just thinking of offing it
'Cause what am I offerin'?
Hidin' behind the facade of the confident
I lie and I cry and I sob, but where is the opposite?
I write in the night, just thinking of words and some similes
But I don’t know what I am like
These people they use like I’m a device
I can’t even lie, sick of these lines
I’m repeating myself, revealin' my hell
Deceivin' myself, eating a pill
Then feel like I melt, trippin' over sh*t
Fall asleep just to get this over with
Get a hold of this, better make the call
Cause you’re gettin' sober, b*tch!
Make a list of all of it, 'cause I know I’m depressed
And I got anxiety, sh*t, I’m also stressed
Think I’m over dressed, guess I’ll wear those sweats
The first day I’m there, think that I’m gettin' help
Then prescribin' hopeless breaths
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