"Mind cooler"

[Verse 1: Sway D]
YouTube 속 지구 반대편
모니터를 보며 나도 한대 펴
그 친구의 음악들을 들으며
잠시 떠나, 치열한 전쟁터
때론 화 위에 화가 더해져
결국 발톱 꺼내 있는 힘껏 널 할퀴어
내 두 손에 묻은 붉은 피를 보며
지나가는 시간은 또 후회 속
깊숙한 초록 숲 속
너무 평화롭지, 모든 게 숨죽여
아무 말도 마, 나도 느껴
시간아, 이대로 멈춰줘
결국 오늘도 난 도망쳐
하늘 이불 삼아 난 구름 속
계속해서 하늘 나는 꿈을 꿔
그런 날 보는 너의 눈은 물음표, 오늘도

[Hook: Sway D]
Cool, cool, cool
Cool, cool, cool
Cool, cool, cool
Cool, cool, cool

[Verse 2: B-Free]
While they hesitate, I just meditate
Sleep with Mary Jame, yeah, I hit it then I meditate
Couldn’t wait till I’m in the game in that hall of fame
Now they know my name, I got that fire, yoga flame
Wanna chill with my wife by the waterfall
But these snakes, man, they hate, wanna see me fall
Can’t blame ‘em, they just being who they are
Times is hard, yeah, money is above the law
마음을 다스리기 어려워
내 가족, 내 친구들, 다 멀어져
My homies used to say we would always stay down
But nowadays they're only homies with PayPal
Thinking ‘bout the A and I wonder how it is
Everybody wanna take something’s gotta give
I just wanna make it a better place for my kids
But I don't wanna die trying, I just wanna live

[Hook: Sway D]
Cool, cool, cool
Cool, cool, cool
Cool, cool, cool
Cool, cool, cool

[Verse 3: Ethereal]
Got high, now I’m coming down
Got by doin’ more than the other man
Blue dream in the paper makin’ new schemes
Roll another, tryna come up wit’ the master plan
Roll another, roll another, I can’t smoke enough
Times hard but the people tough
Free hit me like you know what's up
Now we in the limelight, time to wake ‘em up
Overseas makin’ plays tryna make a way
Tryna change everyday, make a better place
Everybody in my way know I’m killin’ game
From Korea to the A, boy, we makin’ flame
I just put it in the air, can’t even stress
I’mma always make it shake
If I take a test, I’mma always make an A
Hi-Lite and Awful Boyz out here makin’ waves

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