Reaction lyrics



Yea yea yea
I pull up and make ‘em go
Uh oooh x16
Disappear took a few years off
Lil Eezy had to man up
Im so high on the scene making sure I got them bands up
I kill that lil pus*y till it’s runny and she cannot stand up
Im a stack my net, six months of checks so I can get my land up
Told lil shawty to push on me I know she gone slide like a sandal
They green mosses if they changing colors on me like they Randall

I can’t believe the money ur makin
Shawty got ass but she don’t know how to shake it
My b*tch like ca$h! and she know how to make it
I seen a open and then said im gone take it
I just bought a Tesla and u know i’m gone race it
I rolled up some pressure told my girl we gone face it

Eezy on the beat and u know it’s gone melt the street!
We gone blow them things like birthday candles ain't no 1,2,3
Call that n*gga by his twitter handle all he do is tweet
Took her to the shop, told her fill them bags like trick or treat
Like uuuh oooh x16
Yea! yeaaa

I got a head full of wonderful dreams
Rise in my pants bout to bust out the seams
Shawty the meat bout to bust out my jeans
Most of these n*ggas gone fold on they team
Im f*ckin lit like im off the bean
Off the bean
Im regular but still I cannot be seen
Had to get off of the scene
I say whatever I mean
I mean whatever I say
I came in dis b*tch kinda late
I told my lil baby we straight
Got the finger print shield on my safe
Im the real shooter like M.A.C.E
Might sing to the b*tch like Case
I got n*ggas that still sell base
I can’t believe how everything turned out
All these n*ggas corny and they sh*t so burnt out
() made no sense and got turnt out
Seen me out in public and the b*tch is lookin at me like!
Uh uh oooooh!!!!!
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