50 Shades Of Love lyrics



Not Really invested in text
Hope that you hear this instead
It's you , You up in my head
& I mean it, I say these words deep from my chest

I mean em'
With every breathe
Know it seems like im sorta obsessed

You & Me & its all in my head
I can't help but to dream, as i fail my attempts
Kinda great I can call my friend
Dreams of you, they go on unadressed

Different views
With a page & pen
Maybe then i could clarify
All my attempts

On the shelf
With this mеssage on read
Might need help
Gеtting outta of this mess

Closed the door
On all future success
Its just crazy
How you just a 10/10
& I mean it
My life's just really a test
& I finally met you
& have no regrets

Said you we're special
& No turning back
I just hope with this message
You'd give me a chance

To explain all my thoughts & feelings around you
Everyone else & the demons that ground you
Gone through the worst
Can't believe all the struggle's

But there's still some hope
With these feelings about you

I know i don't really deserve it
Your Love's my guide & purpose
Know you might think it ain't worth it
But still feel same , You is perfect

& I know that these words
Might not hit too much
Broken reality
Broken for months
Senseless depravity
Im outta of touch
So i hope that we this
All those fears turn to dust
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