GANG TIES lyrics



[Verse 1]
I gotta get in there
I got 5 hundred, won't stop to a millionaire
I want the world so yeah f*ck it a billionaire
Can't get to close to it if I'm not feeling it, know you ain't spirited, uh
Shorty cuisine I might have me a feast
Back like a flash in New York for a week
Louie the fresh in my lens to my feet
They greedy for power, them boys get impeached
No loundromat they been folding for free
I flow on these tracks like I'm one with the ocean
One hit of the potion and then I release, uh, n*gga don't reach
One pet peeve won't stand no leach
We not the same, can't do it like me
Fiji the chain, come get you a piece
Keep a redbone sitting by my side with a cheeks with the roof gone
New bros with a trigger it's a new dawn
You pawns I get rid of like flees
I been through pain but I learn when I bleed
She give good brain now I'm feeling a leak
Now follow my lead, baby you perfect, might wanna conceive
Might spend a few tokens boo get what you need
I'm fully focused, can't front around me, get f*ck from 'round me, uh
I need a presy, I iced out the G-Shock, but that's for my younger days, uh
Bag looking hefty, I'm black and I'm wealthy, a long way from runaways, uh
Style is so trendy, they stylist be tempted to copy and then they paste, uh
They claiming that they [?], you surfin' now but I been the wave
20 on a chain if a n*gga tryna sneak
Permanent stain on a n*gga white tee
I don't save a name 'less you look like me
Uh, yeah, gotta be unique
Uh, yeah, gotta be a freak
Head on the shoulders and fashion on fleek
Then I'm passing the [?] but I'm not in the league
Got me hard as a pillar like I'm straight from Greece
Uh, yeah, don't try contend
All of my n*ggas on ten, yeah, uh
Negative sh*t I ain't with that lil momma, you need you a cleanse, uh, yeah
'Cause baby I'm Him, I focused my mans, and catching them M's
So f*ck all your plans, I'm at it again
Like "Dude, where's my car?" yeah I'm at it again
Had to take a L, lost a couple of my n*ggas now I gotta raise hell 'till I meet 'em as a spirit
Tell 'em most might fold on a road I chose but I chase my goals young n*gga like boat
Heart ice cold, can't step on my toes, 'cause a gun might blow like a 90's show
Thank God n*gga I chose me, momma you popped out a whole G
Old white n*gga like a whole key, gotta whole fleet, I'm like "Hold please"
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