Teen Suicide

"Doing all the things i used to do with people, part 2 (acoustic/rooftop version)"

I'll try this song
On the roof
I'll see you later
If I can do it without [?]
And it'll be fun
Then it'll be fun 'cause it'll be like I win

This version we have is like, really different
Wait- hold on
It's really slow
Just gonna leave that in, this take

Stay in bed
Sometimes turning to my right
Until I close my eyes

This is not a song about sleep or death
It's about something much smaller and paler than that
I'm not going to show it to my friends
'Cause when I came home
I'd lost thirty-something pounds
I didn't leave my bed
I threw up in a bathroom in Baltimore
Before dancing with a girl
I'll probably never talk to again
We won't be friends
And I won't be nice to anyone
Because I don't see why I should
I don't see the point
I won't, I won't get clean
For the rest of my life
I won't be nice
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