​avOcadO SHakE૮꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა \̅_̅/̷̚ʾ lyrics


Rich Brian

[Intro: Rich Brian, Sean Miyashiro]
The suburbs sleeps at night
Dad wish you worked a regular 9 to 5
Walk out the door and it’s a f*ckin’ fight
Come home when sun is outta sight (Hella)
Wake up (Wake up) the suburbs are alive
Welcome, it’s 1999
Wake up kid, wipe the crust off your eyelids
Go out and be somebody
Dad hates waking up at 5 but he loves 2 kids
Life ain’t always what it seems
You got a fighting chance
It’s the American dream

[Verse: Rich Brian]
Riding around the streets, we’re in my mama’s mini van
And we just can't wait for Saturday (Can’t, yeah, yeah, aye, yah)
Play the keys at church, my daddy the pastor
But I want that bad girl that's gon' take my faith away
So young, but living like this world's еnding next week
I wonder if that girl gon' kiss me nеxt week
The cologne and the button-down shirt’s gon' probably out me
I don't hear no rings, but I'm calling in case you call me, girl
I put on some cologne for you, so let’s not waste it
I had a dream that me and you were naked in your room
But we weren't doing things, but we just stared at each other drinking avocado shake
I grew up feeling like I gotta be the hero
In the world that's full of supervillains
But I swear you make me wanna make mistakes, girl (girl, girl, girl, girl)
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