Drake & Future


Yea Yea
I don't play no games, n*gga no facade
I got every car you want in my garage
She gotta fattie on her like Nicki Minaj
I copped a car and then I f*cked her cuz I'm naught
(Yea n*gga)
I was ridin' round my hood with narcotics (Yea n*gga)
I got 36 ounces in my pocket

[Verse 1]
I'm saucin' yea I'm hard to kill I got these mils yea
I took the gang off planes and jumped on Leers, yea
I told the jeweler [?] this our year yea
Zona stacked his first mil I'm so proud yea
Metro spent 3 on a crib he so out here
Ain't no sauce, ain't no loss, [?] oou!
Push to start, man f*ck them narcs, we take off
I got activis, color Randy Moss
30 chains on, ten rings on
Zona stacked his first mil, told ya I'm proud of him
Poppin' them seals, in Beverly Hills
My clarity clear (yea yea)
My diamonds are real (lets go)
Serve you some whip
Then take me a trip
I rap over scores, like it's a gift
It came with a stem
A thousand-one grand
I left in a Rari
Came back in a Lamb
I'm truly excited
My n*ggas get money (I'm that n*gga)
Stash in the walls
All one hundreds
The coupe got frog eyes
I'll get ya hog tied
I know when one ride
n*gga we all slide
I'm trying to keep it so real with you
We kinda pulled off a miracle
We need some fresh new material
Cuz n*ggas ain't got nothing to live for
You can't be throwin' up money
I'll keep it all the way real with you
I love to see when my n*ggas get money
I'ma keep it all the way real with you
Whole lot of loyalty, love, and honor
We gonna be hard to deal with
If you gotta put a hit out on your honor
Just know, n*gga I'm still with you
Left, right wrist glowin
I can't keep it no more real with you
I keep codeine pourin'
Let me pop a pill with you
My young n*gga locked behind the bars
I was trappin' first, then made myself a star
Baking Soda, cocaina on your heinous
f*ck being neutral, I'm exclusive
You can't find us
Cuban links, [?] diamonds
Change the climate
That molly exclusive
f*ck yo b*tch, cuz she basic
I catch you hatin'
I'ma stab you up, like Jason
We got drug relations
Can't hear our conversations
We do home invasions
But that's just on occasions
Know what they do to snitches
When they sign them papers
Heard they found yo momma
But I din't tell em rape her
Rather have my dogs with me
Than have them in the cages
Make you get all of this pain
To feel the rock and cradle
Cut it off you f*cking snake
You motherf*cking traders
My words will have you devastated but how can you blame us
You need to be decapitated boy you tried to play us
I'm having evil thoughts about you, better come and pay up
I'll pop a Desert Eagle at ya, ain't no one can save ya
Check my AP, I'm so loaded
f*ck yo b*tch, she so bogus
My lil b*tchs yea
I buy them Rollies
f*ck yo clique, f*ck yo OG
Stuff my blunts, three grams of OG
Shake em off, can't let you hold me
I came to stunt so hard on you, call the police
She swiped the card, I f*cked her with my brothers
A pound of OG, I smoke it I ain't sell it
I know some felons, take furs and melons
Buss down the prezi
Bussin' down a prezi
I hit the gas
Black ski mask
Stop acting
Going Bentley spazzing
Good addys, I can buy your baby daddy
Blatt, blatt, blatt
You don't want no static

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