Trey Day

"Fed Up"

[Verse 1]
Awh Yeah
Awh Yeah
Writing ain't been doing much
As it use to
Lately i been losing touch
I could use you
Been so low for so long
That Im use to it
Put my to pain into the new music
But i feel like giving up
Smoking cigarettes on the low
Boy the jig is up
Everybody knows
Everytime i try to write a damn song
I just rip it up
sh*t gets either way too deep or not deep not enough
But i need to vent and express my stress
Before the smoke can arrest breathes
So alone but the nicotine knows to caress to my chest
Been on my own since i left my nest
My grandma gone
I can't rest in peace
Just let my sleep
Close my eyes
Push rewind
Soothe my grief
Ease my mind
Smoke this pack
Stain my teeth
Write these lines
Chase my dream
Cause I'm
Feeling like its nothin' left
Chin buried in my neck
Ive been keepin my head up
My pain is deep it won't let up
Ive been hurting' I'm fed up
I'm fed
Im fed up
Im fed-

[Verse 2]
Followed my vision and i ended up lost
Paying for dreams without knowing the cost
I was on mission to the riches wasn't in it to floss
Just wanted Freedom of becoming the boss
You know, doing what i wanna do
Going Where i wanted to
No matter if its a hundred obstacles in front of you
Gotta maneuver
When in doubt know that you the manure
Life is a b*tch but you gotta pursue her
And even though fail alot
My feet still gone fail me not
Until they throw me in a cell to rot
Had one, foot in the grave almost nailed the box
Im Back from hell fareal can't you tell im hot
Back from the dead bob marley dreads is locked
Painting pictures of my pain if you care to watch
Just, watch ya step i have yet to mop
All the tears and ive shed a lot

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