Lil Peep

"Never Sober"

[Verse: Lil Peep]
I just wanna close my eyes and never wake up tonight
(Close my eyes and never wake up tonight)
I just wanna make you mine, gettin' high in the candlelight
(Make you mine, gettin’ high in the candlelight)
Baby, I just poured an eight in that two-liter Sprite, f*ck it, I'll be fine (f*ck it, I'll be fine)
I just dropped a couple green pills in my Sprite, baby, I’ll be fine
And f*ck it, if I die, it was by your side
Hold me closer, I can't be your man
I don't think you understand, It's obvious to me I wasn't in the plan
Never sober, I can't be your man
I don't think you understand
It's obvious to me you want my rubberbands

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