b*tch i’ma kill you lyrics


Lil Peep

Verse 1: Lil Peep]
Hold my breath
Wrap my arms around you
Now that I've found you
We're goin' to hell
I don't give no f*cks bout where you're from
Let's have some fun tonight
b*tch, I'ma kill you (Kill you)
b*tch, I'ma make you scream in pain
OJ, I feel you (Feel you)
I'ma 'bout to kill my b*tch today

[Chorus: Lil Peep]
Chain hangin' from my jeans
But you know that it's me
Blood drippin' on my feet
But I follow my dream
Hair bleached
Gold teeth
Yeah, you ain't on my team
Nose bleeds
White sheets
Schemaboys on the scene

[Verse 2: JGRXXN]
When the smoke clears
All you see is me
In my tee
Yo' b*tch sees it too
So she looks to us
Like we cool
I invite her to my cushion
She think we gonna cuddle up
But, I'ma muzzlе her
And sacrifice her
To thе underworld
Gotta little place I keep
All of them chicks I meet
f*ck for the night, we sleep
Then she wake up in the trunk of the red Marquis
Tell me she wanted to bang
Talkin' a hell of a game
All of these chicks
That all talk that sh*t
'Til they see blood on my blade
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