Ugly God


[Intro: Rizzoo Rizzoo & Ugly God]
Flavor God, Ugly God
You recording right now?
Rizzoo Rizzoo cuttin' up, it's hot

[Verse: Rizzoo Rizzoo & Ugly God]
I'm blowin' Cookie, drop fours in a Fanta
Step in that ho with a bag like I'm Santa
Hopped out of the Masi' and jumped in the Phantom
n*gga move crazy, get lit like a candle
Put a n*gga on a t-shirt, name on a banner
Rock out the stage like I'm Hannah Montana
Ooh, too smooth, call me Johnny Bravo
Black and white diamonds, I look like a panda
I might fly through the sky like Thor with a hammer
If she wanna f*ck, put that ho in my planner
New Gucci just dropped and my b*tch want the sandals
These n*ggas talk sh*t 'til they body dismantled
Bankroll big, got me walkin' like Rasputia
Big titty b*tch and she workin' at Hooters
I don't talk on the internet or beef on computers
Just me and my stick, n*gga, I'm my own shooter
Just got a Hi-Tech pint and poured a whole cruiser
I step like a boss, I don't f*ck with no loser
Got a Glock with a thirty same size of a ruler
f*ck a house in the hills, I drop that on my jeweler
n*gga came up missing, found his body in the sewer
Back at granny house, it was just water and noodles
Might access the chopper and put him in the cooler
I'm rude as f*ck, but this chopper get ruder
Flip the chopper like an expert, I'ma get a check first
Make her suck it 'til her neck hurt, hop on a jet
My mouth twenty carats, my wrist is baguettes

I just walked out of Johnny, twenty bands on my neck
If Rizzoo say slide, then you know that's a bet
My diamonds gon' riot, tryna put 'em to rest
She can't one-up me, she know I'm the best
She a freaky lil' b*tch, let me nut on her chest
Bought a new chain, spend a brick on it
I'm a lil' n*gga beatin' up big homies
This chopper be singin' like Rich Homie
I just got a new bracelet and p*ssed on it
Make her take a sip and you know that she lit
When I pull out my di*k, she gon' lick on it

Straight out the trenches, from nothing to millions
Now they wanna copy the drip on me
When I started rappin', I made this sh*t happen
These bullets gon' fly out the roof

Never caught lackin', bullets hot like a dragon
Tryna walk him down, put his brains right on my shoe
He say that he rich, but he richer than who?
Hundreds in my bankroll, some old and new
I just wanna f*ck, b*tch, I don't wanna smooch
If the b*tch got no loot, then she gettin' the boot
Damn, hold up
I double the cup when I pour up

And I got more arc than a motor
I just put this rent on my soda
I let the b*tch go like a floater
You ain't the sh*t, n*gga, you just a poser

Ice on my neck, got it cold like Minnesota
If you play with me, then you know it's over
I'm still in the streets even though that I'm rapping
Pull up in a big body, and that b*tch matte green
Got a partner that get me free clothes, he be hacking
Cuban the link, b*tch, you know I like fat bling
He got bumps on his neck 'cause his jewelry all fake
And I'm posted up in the yard like a rake

And I'm in the field tryna mow all the snakes
Put that b*tch on my roster, but she gotta wait
Shove that di*k down her throat, tryna see what she ate
When I'm with The Sauce Family, I know that I'm straight
Got a strap through TSA, jumped on the plane
Pick a b*tch up in Austin and scoot to the H
If a n*gga want bricks, we gon' bake him a cake
Then I pick up the shells 'cause I can't leave a trace
If I catch a body, then I do the race
Got a mic in my hand, but a Glock on my waist
Got a mini Kel-Tec, sing better than Drake
Got a new Spanish b*tch, she get wet than a lake (Hola)
Eatin' steak and lobster, it's no more PB&J
My b*tch mad as f*ck 'cause I'm stuck in my ways
I was late to the show, tryna go get some drank
b*tches on b*tches, you know how I slide
Main n*gga that be bumpin', he be higher than the high
I double the cup and I drop a few lines

[Outro: Rizzoo Rizzoo]
Y'all know what the f*ck goin' down
Rizzoo Rizzoo, Ugly God
Nah, for real
I'm at the studio, bro

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