Anthony Ramos


[Verse 1]
Maybe I'll be rich and famous by the time I'm thirty
Or maybe I'll just give up on music, like it's a hobby
Maybe I'll drink myself into an early casket
Or maybe I'll become one of those "reformed addict" pastors
Maybe I take blame for the sh*tty things I do
Or maybe I hold my breath and blame it on the moon

Either way, it's not a question
If my soul is ever getting saved, saved
Maybe I don't need a tragedy
To happen to restore my faith

[Verse 2]
Maybe I'll just settle down like, "Kids, and House, and Wife" (No)
Or maybe end up knocking up a girl and pay the price
Maybe I order an Uber after these beers
Or maybe wake up in a cell, just swallowing my tears
At this point, it's hard to see which way I will go
Somedays I wake up hot, some days I wake up cold

And I show up to your family gathering
With a pair of funny socks
If only they knew how I act on a tour
It would p*ss everyone off, oh
Maybe I end up in your memory as an enemy
Maybe a son or a friend in me
Maybe I'm crazy or maybe intelligent
Maybe irrelevant, maybe I'm prevalent
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