Moneybagg Yo

"U Played"

[Intro: Drake & Lil Juice]
Tay Keith, this too hard (Tay Keith, this too hard)
Tay Keith, f*ck these n*ggas up

[Chorus: Moneybagg Yo]
I don't got a heart, but f*ck it, I'm paid
Lil A beat a body, he fresh out the cage
I'm still the same n*gga from minimum wage
They tryna keep up, so they stalkin' my page
They do what I say, they tryna get saved
They line up for me like they coppin' the J's
I told her get right, start acting your age
Can't believe you tried it, b*tch, you played
Wanted a diamond choker, soon as her time was over, b*tch, you played
She wanna ride the Rover, told her her Uber was closer, b*tch, you crazy
She tried to show out in public, I cut the b*tch off like it's nothin', b*tch, you played
She must've thought I was stupid, I knew she was f*ckin' my cousin (Ooh)

[Verse 1: Moneybagg Yo]
I don't got a cold, I'm sipping on Hi-Tech
A deuce of that yellow, I'm straight out the projects
The first n*gga played with me, he got shot at
A hundred some shots flipped the car, that's a car wreck
I really don't need to be speaking on that (Shh)
But f*ck it, you know how I be when I get (What?)
High off the motherf*ckin' medicals (Up there)
Get in the booth and go federal (Federal)

They copy my style, I had to go get that (Give me that)
Like, boy, give my motherf*ckin' sh*t back
She wanna chill, but this ain't no kickback (Here)
Pass her to my teammate, I assist that
Straight to the jet, then I'm gone (Gone)
Land in a new timezone (Outta there)
All the hoes pressed, n*ggas lookin' stressed
They can't accept that I'm on (Hah)
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