Mad World lyrics



Got this itch to scratch again
Nothing helps so scratch again
Break the skin, feel the strain
Look outside it’s just the same
A world ready to itch their pain
Not content but just the same
United in suffering
Accept the truth and smile with me
Walk outside it screams at me
Violence, corruption, poverty
It's part of them, part of me
Share the truth, same disease
No way out but accept the mess
And take action to ease distress
Take action for kindness
This f*cked up work in progress

This mad world just makes me
Lose my mind it makes me
Shake uncontrollably
This mad world just makes me

Out the front door, feel the fear
Yea no ones going everywhere
These cages, caging, cagey stares
Just take me anywhere
Yea away from all this hatred
This filthy human nature
Theses snakey, flakey flakers
Who'll sell you all the answers
But I'll tell you this, I don't need this sh*t
Cause I have a voice and I'm using it
My minds made up and I'm over it
This double standard one percent
This crazy world is burning, set to deconstruct
I wonder home long have we got to suffer these beasts ruling the top?
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