Poo Bear


[Verse 1: Sena Kana]
Are you training everyday now
Breathing at a steady pace now
Is it a journey or a race now
Who’ll be first to cross the line

[Chorus: Sena Kana]
Could you be my champion, undisputed
Could you be my champion, undisputed
If I ask you for evidence
Honestly, could you prove it
If so, would you be my champion
Of the world, undisputed

[Post-Chorus: Sena Kana]
Be my champion
Could you be my warrior, my warrior
Yeah, I need a warrior, a warrior

[Verse 2: Sena Kana]
Are you my one man army
Am I your destination
Are you shining bright with the glory
Lighting up the location
Could you bring the best of me
Out right now, repeatedly
Are you the type that won't accept dеfeat
Only a victory
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