"Talk With Falz (Talk Remix)"


(I am a citizen of this country, Let me talk)

Verse One:

I was really trying to sleep when i heard this shii
But Falz Chill men, we really need to check this thing
You be the boss for where you dey for you to speak this things
But as a common man my guy, i gats to zip my lips

You get the money to dey carry muric go court
But who i be person wey never see food chop
Guy abegi, think am again
Na you be presido and you be bahd guy again

I know the country really killing us
They feeding us with promises and turn around and leaving us inferior
No passion for the future leaders of the coming generation
We be static while our leaders flex their muscle on the nation

How they gamble with our education
Got me thinking if its xbox or a PES, men i need an explanation
Asuu strike is here and all they think about is how to get their
Flags us in the sky and run their f*cking fake elections

4 year tenure, 3 year Holiday?
Ahh, you dey talk that one for there? the remaining year na for campaign again
Hey! Hey! Fight Kungfu again??

Verse 2:

And i got a problem with these motherf*ckers speaking trash
For all you talk about is fraud and how to smack a ynash
Guyyyy, don't you have a better thing to say?
At least for once, i mean something to say!

At this you age, ehn
Wetin you gain , ehn?
If you dey praise Yahoo my guy wetin you gain?
The country wey don spoil before, you're adding salt again!!
If person talk e now, errmm, you gang up again

Well, ama just be me and go about my daily business
Got no time for all these things you see around on social media
No one gives a f*ck about the things you do or have to say
So best be wise and live your life with work and pray to God in Faith

Shout out to Falz the Badh Guy, you're the man bro
Maximum respect for coming out and saying all these shii out loud
Truth be told, we seff, we want to talk but, Guy reason am na
We no get one Falana for back na
And ermm "This is Nigeriaaaaa"


Greatest Nigerian Students?? (Greaaatttt)
I want to let you know that Asuu cannot decide your Destiny
Can i get an amen? (Amennnnnn)
And the federal govermment cannot use you to play scrabble
For the Lord our God HE Big pass them (yess ooooo)

I go by the name Padiremz and I'm signing out..
One Time
Their Fadaaa
Help me to watch my back oooo LOL
I know i've broken so many tables lol

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