Louis Tomlinson


I wish I could interact properly but I no longer have access to my
Social accounts
Does anyone else feel like they constantly have their heads
Being pushed underwater?
I just want to breathe again
The music industry is horrible I wish more people could see it
We have been trying to get it across for a while now
I thought there's enough proof. I hate always having to deny everything I never thought there was something wrong with it
Or with me. I lovе someone. Why is that so hard for peoplе to accept? Why is it so different because he's a guy?
When I first heard the name "Larry Stylinson" It didn't mean anything to me, now it means the world. Louis is still trying to get out but we're really close. I hope by next year the only headline's about us will be 'Harry and Louis Styles made it"
Sounds stupid I guess. I hope someone reads this and I hope someone believes because the truth will come out soon and I cannot wait until then. Thank you all for always being here for us no matter how many times someone had tried to tell you otherwise
-You know me now
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