Mumbai Heat lyrics


Lancey Foux

(Loesoe going crazy)
Say, woo
Yeah yeah, (Ha, ha, ha) yeah yeah (Chyeah)
Come on, come on (Ha, ha, ha)
Balaji, Balaji (Chyeah)
Mumbai (Ha, ha, chyeah, woo)

Mumbai heat, Mumbai heat
Yeah, she Mumbai heat (My baddie)
Mumbai heat

[Verse 1]
I’m ridin’ in Ferrari with my bad Pakistani
I’m tryna tell her sum’, I’m tryna say it in Punjabi
Real cool vibe, dress made Don Cavalli
I had to call Givenchy, tell ‘em “Sew her up a story”
Shoutout to my art, nah shoutout to my baddie
It’s like my baddie henna tatted, but I’m really tatted
Lookin’ for me, she gon’ swap my face out like acne
I just left my bae, I know she been tryna catch me
Look inside the bank, I taught the math in Madras
The print gon’ get the Codeine in from Karachi
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