Lancey Foux

"Talk Too Much*"

Lyrics from Snippet

[Intro: Lancey Foux]
Yeah, yeah
Yeah‚ yeah
Yeah‚ yeah
Yeah‚ yes

[Verse 1: Lancey Foux]
I ain't gonna talk too much
I ain't gonna talk too much
I ain't even makin' a fuss
I ain't even doin' too much
My daddy told me talk is cheap
I let my girlfriend speak
It's a big wave go ocean deep
One man gang I ain't rollin' deep
Bad b*tch came out of Mozambique
And she wanna be with the African gene
I'm ready to die I can't roll in peace
Two man big bag they know it's me
And I ain't doin' fraud I just swipe and delete
You might see me with skep n*gga ultimate greaze
Little boy how did I turn into me
Paps in my face and I won't say cheese
Yeah, took off the ice and I'm still freezin'
I was rollin' the dice slide in the streets

[Verse 2: Swoosh God]
Swear on my life turn out to be
This sh*t amazin' you wouldn't believe
And my new b*tch she from Belize
Choke on the di*k she just come out to breathe
I got sauce PERinaise
Just like Nando's your b*tch is my side dish
You wouldn't believe what she didn't private
Get on her knees look up-

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