Lancey Foux

"I Know*"

Lyrics from Snippet

No swag on, I know you n*ggas won't catch (Check!)
Check! (Woah)
I get the drop, still [?]
Snatch at your plaques like Fillmore
Bad ting came out the billboard
Look like a stallion, I know
I know she gon' stand with me, right or wrong? (Check!)
Walk out [?], I know
Walk out [?], I know

Been trippin' out, I'm on the run (On the run)
You see I'm stepping out? One of one (One of one)
They see me, they step and dance like I've got a gun (Huh?)
This ain't none, I'm where you get the pain from
Big smoke all in my fragrance
I don't even know what her name is
Pick that chick when the K come (Check!)
Hid in the kitchen, no apron

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