Uptown Vibing lyrics


Lancey Foux

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[Verse 1: SWAYZEE & Lancey Foux]
(What else?)
When I blow I'ma keep my plug on speed dial (Uh-yeah)
(What else?)
They gave my n*gga 12, I hope he get a retrial (Chyeah)
Counting cream, you know I’m getting money (Uh-huh)
But it feel better getting money with your team (What else?)
Dirty bands in my jeans, got the kid stepping so clean (Clean)
I put my lady in CELINE, if she mean (Baby)
If grinding was a drug then I must be a fiend..

[Verse 2: Lancey Foux]
Tryna' set sail back to Bora Bora (Chyeah)
She wanna sip codeine I'ma pour it for her
She startеd f*ckin’ with me she becamе important (Yeah)
Hope my name show galore (Show galore)
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