"What You Need"

[Verse 1: Jae Stephens]
You've been running 'round in circles in my head
I got bruises black and purple 'round my neck
Connectin' dots between the scars that I collect
I won't forget
I tried to put it all behind
Always ridin' for you when you crossed the line
When I said that I forgive you, I was lyin'
Out of time, you didn't realize

[Chorus: Jae Stephens & Drew Love]
I got what you need (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I got what you need (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Nah-nah, I won't let you breathe (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I got what you need
Yeah ayy-aay, ayy, I got what you need

[Verse 2: Drew Love]
And I know I f*cked up but you doin' the most
And you got me f*cked up, need to slow your roll
Always had one foot hangin' out the door
Ready to go
Now put the bullsh*t to the side
Not the only one that went and crossed the line
When you said that you forgave me, was you lyin'?
Out of time, you gon' realize
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