Liam Payne

"Midnight (Rompasso Remix)"


[Verse 1: Liam Payne]
Always thought I was losin' the race
Lookin' for love in all the wrong places
Really don't know how we made it here (Oh-oh-oh-ah)
Never thought I was worth what you give
Never felt quite alive, now I'm livin'
Yeah, you kill my doubts, they disappear (Oh-oh-oh-ah)

[Pre-Chorus: Liam Payne]
When I feel like nothing's gonna hold me down, hold me down, you do
Used to be scared of fallin', 'til you came around, came around

[Chorus: Liam Payne]
Now I just wanna stay here and fall into midnight
Want nobody else now, only you, feel right
Time enjoyed wasted's not wasted time
So stay 'til the morning, stay for a while
I just wanna lay here and fall into midnight
And fall right into you

[Drop: Rompasso]

[Refrain: Liam Payne]
And fall right into you
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