Payroll Giovanni

"Cartier Muzik"

[Verse 1: Yung Quis]
Lost my daughter on December 1st
Thought the pain would ease up but its gettin' worse
Too much to put it in a verse so I touch briefly
Keep a smile on my face but it cuts deeply
Run the streets like a stray dog on the loose
Droppin' bricks to the [?] off to the troops
Keep the compressor full of residue
Nothin' but them bands on my schedule
sh*t I'm out here doing for my mans you a never do
Make a bunch of plans then I execute
Prayin' that I stay above land never federal
Sprayin' up the damn van and whoever next to you
Before I let 'em turn me to a corpse or a vegetable
Money through the roof n*gga you can ask DJ Flex
Spendin' bricks with the mix like a DJ set
Old money real old like a VHS
You want a war n*gga be my guest
Haha, Yung Quis

[Verse 2: Payroll Giovanni]
Yung Quis what up tho, you already know what it is
Yeah, getting money a beautiful thing
n*ggas don't talk about this sh*t that come with that sh*t tho
Feel like I done seen it all, still young n*gga though
No [?] 41, new money new year my pace in a different gear
Still humble like it ain't 20,000 up in my ear (yeah)
I seen [?] for Christmas, ain't shed a tear
Just glad I got to tell him I love him while he was here (oh yeah [?])
I get my money and disappear, no time for dumb sh*t
Dogin' old n*ggas on young sh*t and f*ck sh*t
I can buy your chain off one flip you dumb b*tch
I don't wanna f*ck your brah cuz she disgustin' (egh)
Had to ride the buck get the ground up on them bands (yeah)
Tryna see life through white Cartier lens
We did it before the trends n*ggas so slow
Quit the talk sh*t, been livin' life movin' slow-mo
Pull up in the 4 door I'm comfortable in photos
Still tryna clean some dirty money on the low low, you know bro
I seen n*ggas speak on me with hate
That I went way past fee and even bought 'em a plate, f*ck

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