Payroll Giovanni

"f*ck Em All"

Helluva made this beat, baby!

[Verse 1: Peezy & Payroll Giovanni]
Thirty racks in my pocket, hunid thousand in ice (A hunid)
See them coupes outside, know we in town for the night (We in the city)
Drug dealers in my section, a lot of bottles on ice (Yuh)
b*tch, I’m married to the game, I made a vow to my wife (I do)
Exclusive sh*t that I’m wearin’, it ain’t comin’ out for ‘bout a month (Nah)
n*gga, sit your broke ass down, ‘cause you ain’t got a crumb (f*ck on)
You see the bezel on the Rollie, that’s a lot of chunks (Chunks)
I ain’t complainin’ ‘bout sh*t, I went and got it up (Yuh)

[Bridge: Payroll Giovanni & Peezy]
Man, that broke sh*t wasn’t for me (Wasn’t for me)
I had to go outside and get some money (Get some money)
I was so young that OG’s was scared to front me (Yeah)
Thinkin’ I’ma f*ck it up, like some kind of dummy (No)
Had to show and prove I’m ‘bout business (Uh)
Bought my own work was the ticket (Was the ticket)
Now, it’s residue on granny’s dishes (Yeah)
Had a operation out the kitchen (Yeah)
Choppin’ down ounces tryna build up to a chicken
I gotta touch a ticket

[Verse 2: Peezy & Payroll Giovanni]
I started with some nickels (Nickels)
Couple years later, I’m worth more than six figures (Yuh)
Let God be my witness [?] chickens (Birds)
Prepared to go the distance, I’ma show out on you b*tches (b*tch)
‘Cause they ain’t see the vision, now I got these n*ggas puzzled (Yuh)
Could help ‘em out, but nah, f*ck ‘em, let ‘em suffer (f*ck ‘em)
You buyin’ b*tches sh*t that I be scared to take in public (f*ck is that?)
Made it out the mud, the marble floor is all hustle (b*tch!)

[Bridge: Payroll Giovanni & Peezy]
Marble on the floors, but it’s platinum on my wrist (Platinum)
You be frontin’, that’s how I tore the back up on your b*tch
Leave Neiman-stuffed bags up in the 6, laughin’ with the clique
Mansion cost a grip, bought it like the mortgage wasn’t sh*t (Wasn’t sh*t)
You ain’t worth a portion of my wrist, get away from me (f*ck on)
Push a Big B to get from “A” to “B” (Benz)
Sold crack to buy a cross, yeah, I know, just pray for me (Just pray for me)
Really pray I never come across the n*ggas hatin’ me
f*ck ‘em all

[Verse 3: Peezy & Payroll Giovanni]
f*ck ‘em all, yeah, f*ck ‘em all
[?] (f*ck ‘em)
Hustle hard, you gon’ have to drag me out the f*ckin’ mall (Let’s go)
Paintings on the f*ckin’ wall, got Versace on my drawls (Yuh)
Y’all a bunch a f*ckin’ frauds, that’s the reason we don’t f*ck with y’all (We don’t f*ck with y’all)
That’s a thirty-six, it’s too small, get away from me (Get away from me)
Only thirty-six I know about is when I shave a ki- (Yuh)
Told my old b*tch, “Ain’t no replacin’ me” (b*tch!)
Hustlers – they relate to me, me and Pay gon’ save the streets (Let’s do it)

[Bridge: Payroll Giovanni & Peezy]
Me and Peezy gon’ save the streets, Helly laced the beat
Gary made the piece, thirty made her blink
Chunky-diamond link, b*tches eyein’ me
n*ggas muggin’ since I’m gettin’ money, bummy n*ggas say I’m actin’ funny
I just tell ‘em, “f*ck a bad b*tch, you gon’ walk different” (You gon’ walk different)
When you see a million dollars, you gon’ talk different (You gon’ talk different)
If you feedin’ all your patnas, you a boss n*gga (You a boss n*gga)
And I’ll put some n*ggas on that’ll off n*ggas (f*ck!), boy

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