Payroll Giovanni

"Who U Know"

[Intro: HBK Kid]
Get ‘em in and get ‘em gone, who you know?
Make a killin’ off a phone? b*tch, who you know?
Livin’ right off doin’ wrong, who you know?
Gettin’ paid while sittin’ at home, b*tch, who you know?

[Verse 1: Peezy & Payroll Giovanni]
Me and Pay – we worth some tickets, talkin’ money – I’m with it (Yuh)
Pulled up in a drop and left the roof home – suspended (Yeah)
Cuttin’ hair with [?], grands fresh out the blender (Fresh out the blender)
Still carry ‘round .50, b*tch, I’m fresh out the trenches
Nothin’ like you rap n*ggas, I get mine independent (Yuh)
Ask about ‘round town, I’m certified and official (Yeah)
I run the east and pay the man on the west, we demand our respect (Demand it)
Got a n*gga whole advance on my neck (Yeah)
In Revive, spendin’ bands on sweats, yeah, the AMIRI kind (AMIRI)
We came from trappin’, now the bidness all legitimized (We legit)
I’ma give me some money, them n*ggas gettin’ high (n*ggas playin’)
I’ve been ballin’ so long, I’m damn near gettin’ tired

[Chorus: HBK Kid]
Who you know rock minks to the floor?
Who you know’ll drop the top in the winter, in the snow?
Who you know’ll bust a muf*cka’ sale and miss a show?
Who you know could take all his jewelry off and get a hoe?
b*tch, who you know?
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