Twisting blunts up in the studio
I’m with my brothers getting throwed
High off life and living bold
Making sounds to soothe the soul
Whatcha think it takes to make a man
Let me know
Is it what you buy or is it what you earn that makes you whole
Sittin back smokin fat as I watch the world turn
In the back dressed in black not giving a f*ck with no concern
Telling me to change my life and get a some morals or I’ll burn
Kiss my hairy nuts you stupid f*cks will never learn
Ima do just as I please
With a grin that’s oh so sh*tty
Smear their faces in my smut
I’ll never show a b*tch some pity
Swang them titties in my face
And pass that junt around my way
I’m bucking till I’m in a grave
This is the motto I portray
Young dumb and reckless living in these broken days
I see the light it’s shining bright but I’m so far away
What shall I do but fight and showem that we here to stay
This feels so right I know my sight and I won’t be delayed

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