Baker ya maker, bumpin' some slayer
Devil sh*t is what I do, yes the life taker
Creep out the cutt from the mist of the funk
No love for b*tches, I lock them in trunks
Sinning while grinning the evilest one
Mystical dreams, by god I am shunned
Pain and suffering, unleashed from below
The masses I'm thrashing corrupt overflow
Malachai dead eyes I Iive for the fear
Tormented by all of the voices you hear
The sky is clear, night lit by the moon
2006 on the 6th day of June
Smoke fills the room pentagram on my hand
The devil appears atop bodies he stand
He tells me about life and how we're all damned
Then disappears and whispers
"One day will meet again"
sh*t am I crazed
I'm losing my mind
Souls of the dead begin to arise
The horsemen arrive apocalypse comes
Darkness it rains, clouds cover the sun
Welcome to hell, locked in a cell
Flames the char the beings who dwell
The last to stand i'm left to roam
Hell on earth I'm left all alone
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