Burnt Up lyrics



[SAMPLE: Rocko - Intro, High as a Test Rat]
Blaze a blunt, load the gauge

[Verse 1: BAKER]
Killing with my eyes and filled of hate
What's the next for the three?
Bustas know f*cking killed
Crost the line and see what's real
Burning, burning, I'm the torment
In my head I'm slowling clicking
Turn around and see who's creeping
Just a playa on the sinner
Getting buck, don't give a f*ck
No remorse, I show no love
Just close toy eyes and feel the pain
Sucking inside in flames this cold
Just a lost soul dwelling in the night
f*ck with me rough and it's just another sacrifice
You's a hoe and it know competition's at low
Enemies they let them plеa
Opposition has been defeat
b*tch, we deep
Don't onе trick when you f*cking with this clique
Just a group full of killers dancing in
Something darker sh*t
[Verse 2: HYDRA MANE]
Got the devil speakin' to me, tellin' me to take your life
Homicide, on my motherf*ckin' mind
As I grip my nine, filled with slugs
Killers from the south side, gettin' no love
Leavin' these bites, I'm puffin' the bud
Bustin' the shotty, I wish you would
Tryna cross me, b*tch
Break a shoot, I'm dumpin' a stang
Empty the [?] if you f*ckin' with the mane
Sixty under, I'm leavin' no trace
Boutta murder and then I'm creepin' [?]
On the last fool that tryna come f*ck with us
Tec with the murder rest, b*tch, we banish ya
Hit the flames [?]
Put you in a shadow grave
Hollow points to ya head, body stain 'cause you dead
Leave a ghost, take my soul
Loadin' my clip, I have no soul
Finna cope, there's no hoe
[?] flodgin' ass hoes
Killers from the south, gettin' dumps
No control, out of my thoughts
[?] with the f*ckin' Glocks
Off's on me, we bringin' 6'oclock
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