Wake Up lyrics


Roc Marciano

[Verse 1: Jay Worthy]
Yeah, I've been drinkin' on bourbon with malt liquor
Headache on a hundred, don't tell me about sh*t, b*tch
Take the keys to the Lexus and move it before they ticket
Street cleanin' got me for a few hundred, I'm still sleepin'
She tried to rub on my Johnson, I'm noddin', so, trick, beat it
We done f*cked and sniffed powder 'til Sunday, she still need it
I got hoes on autopilot in Vegas and they need me
Hit the 15, grab me some juice and now I'm Speedy Gonzales Park
n*ggas know we the hardest, rеgardless of all them other hoods
Thеy know where it started, I'm just statin' facts
'Cause I love all of my funksters
I wrote this in the back of a 'Lac in Vic's Storage
The same one we used to smoke and ride and f*ck, roarin'
Ralph Lauren Polo Sport on my neck, it smell gorgeous
Wake up so n*ggas can eat fruit, where my Porsche? Stop snorin'
Gargoyles on the TV, Fruit Loops, Saturday mornin'
Stretchin' and yawnin', I threw on my white Jordans
Red 2s with the stitch on the side, you won't find 'em
Drink so pink, when the sun hit, it might blind you
pus*y so good like my favorite flavor in Hi-Chew
I'm from the side where they yell, "Westside" before they slide through
So you know where it's from, we outside, we never hide, foo
Lost some homies due to where we come from, it made me cry, too
So if I feel this pain, then my enemies gotta die, too
On boot, no time for a b*tch still on the avenue
Tried to knock a b*tch at the [?], shoutouts to [?]
Just to see if the 'ism still sharp, yeah, I still got it, ooh
I'm headed to Maryland in a Chevy coupe
With the homies from the New York Woo, do what you gotta do
[Bridge: Sample & Roc Marciano]
(Wake up! Wake up, daddy, wake up!)
Wake up; you're sleepin' a bit too late, ah
Uh, yeah
Wake up; can't you see it's a brand new day?
Wake up, uh
Wake up, put on your shoes
Copped the Presidential, copped the chain, n*gga
There's so many things that we've got to do
This sh*t amazin', P

[Verse 2: Roc Marciano]
Yo, copped the Presidential Rollie, was all hoe money
When motherf*ckers was broke and bummy with your nose runny
Spun for a coat as a youngin', some brothers stole from me
My hitters is on go for me, smoke the homie, he need a GoFundMe
I'm from where the youngsters unload fullys
Puffy coats and hoodies, city cutthroat
But we comfortably be wearin' luxury items where they come for your jewelry
Let your Taurus Colt Judge be your judge and your jury
Got it out the mud, but ain't no smudges on the Richard Millie
b*tch say she in love with me, but I know it's temporary
Ain't no "woe is us", we get chicken, baby
She can't be lazy, my pimp hand been different lately (My sh*t different)
Six ladies payin' me and everything's on a b*tch, yeah, it's AOB
And if she like to play with her nose, she know that she can get the yayo from me
Stick your whole face in the eighth or ki'
That's for lacin' me with the AP (Woo)
Can't even sleep, I'm hearin' (Wake up, daddy! Wake up!)
The blow, it gave the OG a nosebleed
Used to be a hundred toes deep, now he watch the game from the nosebleed
You need a closer seat
I was lookin' like young Kobe Bean
Wagyu only and Kobe beef
Ho, when I'm coachin' the team, we not havin' no Shaq and Kobe beef
It's only macaroni and cheese, smell me?
[Outro: Roc Marciano]
You know what I'm sayin'?
Pimpire, n*gga
n*ggas can't f*ck with it
You know what I'm sayin'?
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