Do drugs lyrics


Dominic Fike

Now that I'm free Dom
Now that I'm- ay
Now that I'm f- hm f*ck [?]

Look, now it ain't no trap spot
But I flip, push keys on laptops
And what we whip up you a murder boy
That goes in and out like a burger joint

But I don't sell drugs, I do drugs
Way he's di*kin ion even gotta move drugs
Way he's di*kin I could pull up with a new son
No pair of shoes on two ton pockets
And a b*tch on a rocketship
Got way more pressin matters to be impressed with matter
Material money whatever you call it
I like coke when I'm drinkin but I never do molly cause everybody ruined it for me when I went to college

It ain't me dawg
And this sh*t ain't free dawg
And now that I'm free Dom
And еverybody wanna meet Dom
I already heard likе 3 dogs
Like what, does that sound like me dawg?
Man that sh*t poisonous like a tree frog (Ooo)
Wipe your lips quick
Drooling at me
Y'all boys ain't cool I swear to god (Woo)
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