"Spend Nuff Money"

Phone ring money come
Gal a say me sweet like a honey comb

Pocket full a money get a bag a gal nuff
Roll out the bike and the car them nuff
We no keep fake friends no we no rate them violate the links and your ends get crush
Have a bag a gold and oil so me rich
Pop out me coil with style bricks
Know man a Star me no step to no bar tell the waitress link up mi section quick
Talk to me nice google me swag
Designer Pon foot money in a bag
Tugz dem ready cause a so we bad
With mi house Pon the hill gullygod

Spend spend Nuff money
Spend spend Nuff money
Spend spend Nuff money
Do it the straight way them can’t say me funny (x2)

Verse 2
Whole a my links and me friend them straight
Up like 7 badmind gwan hate
We no beg friend certain boy we no rate
And who no like we drop asleep and no wake
Frequent flyer ask every plane
We run the road street every lane
Everywhere we turn gal a say we name
And none a dem can’t talk bout say me lame
Jamaica to Africa we global
Bank book strong hulk hogan
No bag a chatting money a the slogan
And if a boy fi get page we run a program
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