DEAN (딘)

Gone on ya with the pick and roll
Too much of me thats a killer dose
Like mixing alcohol with fetenyl
To be honest with you I ain't into those
Rest in peace Mac Miller tho
Got em all locked in a scope
Need a doc like Interscope
Don't label me cause I ain't into those
I'm that devoted
'Room for Improvement' like back to '06
I had to focus
Laugh at the jokers
Pack up the sofas
No time for resting
My raps are wicked
I must confess it
They not gonna listen
They'll learn a lesson
Pay em a visit
Pay em a pension
Makin em quit
They won’t earn the severance
Every time you make a move you take an ‘L’ like the chess piece
Promise you I never lose, either forfeit or come test me
Can’t best me with your best foot forward even on your best day
I see the Future, I’m on Top Dawg, yeah the King’s Dead so that’s check mate
Ain't nobody write like this
Ain't nobody write like this these days
Freestyle all of the words these days
And the beat does all of the work these days
Lotta filler in the verses these days
Cursing just to be cursing these days
Had to make a point
I could make a joint
Hard as yours without cussing, Pete Sake
Bunch of replays
Nothing delayed
Run the relay
Punch the DJ
For bumping replays
Of 'Pon De Replay'
Every time I get up on a mic I gotta kill it
Gimme any beat and I'm a skill it
Got em feeling salty honestly I think they jealous
Pepper them with syllables and never give them seconds
Never edited, better than anybody that you repping with
Intelligent and every time I do it's getting better- yup
Jelly fish, elephants, pelicans - other words Im saying that im only ever leveling up
So clueless
No stopping this music
If “Skys the limit” was true then
Why does the moon have shoe prints
So hold up- hold up
Wait a minute
Canvas set, lemme paint a picture
Creative freedom ain't a game
My ex boxed (X Box) me in I wasn’t playing with that
Needed a break like I ate a kit Kat
Needed to brake so I gave em whiplash
Feed em to snakes I dont play with big rats
Sneakin away got work to do and so I’m
Gone on em with the pick and roll
De ja vu heard this before
Where I'm walking they kiss the floor
In other words I got mistletoes
Listen close
If you dont, might miss the quotes
Secrets out, hear the whistle blow
Game over, que the whistle blow-
I'm gone
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