"Ma Babiez Mama (Unreleased)"

Ain't nothin changed at least for me feelins still the same
We been together too long to be involved in childish games
Although at times you nag being with you is really not that bad
We reminisce and get to trippin off fights we had
We went bustin all my windows stealin all my indo
Catchin' me with old hoes cuttin up my new clothes
Shavin my head with a razor givin me massages
Even though you stole my heart i ain't the type to press charges
It's a sticky situation the drama i be facing
Trying to take my baby mama on a fantasy vacation
While im snatchin and taking i'll be stacking while im macking
Cause you know my kids need transportation
I hate to see you waitin at the train station
Walkin in puddles that drizzlin rain making
And even though my moms hate you and ya moms can't stand me
Dont even trip we got our family

[Chorus: Danny Boy, Natasha Walker, 2Pac]
Even though we argue to death
Girl you know I still love ya to death
(My baby Mama)
Even though we might fuss and fight
Best believe we gon' thug tonight
(My Baby Mama)
Even though I know I drive her craaaazy
She happy that she had my baaaaby
(My Baby Mama)
We both mad cause I broke the house
We both mad cause we bonded for life
(My Baby Mama)
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