Tokio Hotel

"Monsoon 2020"

[Verse 1]
I'm staring at a broken door
There's nothing left here anymore
My room is cold
It's making me insane
I've been waiting here so long
But now the moment seems to have come
I see the dark clouds coming up again

Running through the monsoon
Beyond the world
To the end of time
Where the rain won't hurt
Fighting the storm
Into the blue
And when I lose myself I think of you
Together we'll be running somewhere new
Through the monsoon
Just me and you

[Verse 2]
A half-moon’s fading from my sight
I see your vision in its light
But now it's gonе and left me so alone
I know I havе to find you now
Can hear your name, I don't know how
Why can't we make this darkness feel like home?
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