The Ghost Inside

"The Outcast"


[Verse 1]
The air of judgment so thick, I can barely breathe
I try and drift away, its presence never leaves
Run to the corners of the world, regret is in my past
If there's safety in the same, I remain the outcast
If there's safety in the same, then I remain the outcast

Allow me to apologize
Because I can't see the world through someone else's eyes
These trying times don't last forever
So I'm all in now because it's now or never
I'm all in now because it's now or never

[Verse 2]
I've grown so sick with the dreamer's disease
Fighting for all the nights I've spent losing sleep
Blurred lines, nowhere to walk
Bite my tongue when I try to talk
The path of least resistance was never paved for me

When there's no torch to bear and no footsteps to follow
Anything is possible
I am unstoppable
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