The Ghost Inside

"Begin Again"

[Verse 1]
I thought I gave it my all but I'm still not gaining ground
Can I swim against the current when I'm trying not to drown?
This was my escape, now it holds me captive
If I'm not the one to blame, why doesn't it feel the same?

I saw myself on the way down
He said it's not how our story ends
You know there's always a way out
Weather the storm and begin again

Feels like forever when you're caught in the in-between
Caught in the in-between

[Verse 2]
The ebb and flow, it comes in waves
And I can't break past them
They say hard times don't last forever
But can I outlast them?
What meant the world to me before
Won't hold the same weight anymore
Is this for me or is this for you?
Either way, I need to see it through
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