Stone Sour

"Idle Hands (2001 Demo)"

[Verse 1]
Stuck to the dog, p*ssing out both ends
I got a hundred lethal weapons that I call my friends
Ain't a person on Earth who could take my life
I wish they would, so a man could get some sleep at night
But my design is a mixture of descent and decay
I see a monster in the mirror f*cking everyday
Can a man ever wash his hands of blood?
Perpetual deja vu, isn't that enough?

[Chorus 1]
Peel back the layers
And see what I've become
Satisfied, now I feel nothing
Stay away, I swear it wasn't me

[Verse 2]
See if you can relish when you close both eyes
Every time I make an issue of it, someone dies
Carried out like a hit man, set in stone
Don't know why I even bother to be left alone
In my opinion, it's a self serving f*cked up phase
Got a picture in my wallet that I keep, in case I
Got to go, got to split, got to make it to a higher level than this
But I could be wrong, what I'm saying is wrong
What I really want to say is
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