Crazy lyrics



Hook: x2

He going deaf

He getting meds

He gotta some bullets inside of his head

Doctor try save him, but he ‘ready dead

Police they killed him, but nuthing they said

Hand on the bible, I swear my lord saved me

When he saved me, I was crying like a baby

No close friends, like gunna like baby

I was in the east end, saving souls like crazy

Verse 1:

Devil try steal, kill and destroy

Imma leavе him a decoy

I’m saving these souls with much joy

Prayеr warrior, like I’m on steroids

R.I.P to the brodem, R.I.P to the fallen soldiers of Christ

Giving them reasons why they have to fight

They be catching feelings and be catching flights

Don’t let your feelings, come into the fight

It’s us against the devil, and we finna fight

Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye

We gonna fight, we finna fight

Boom pow, knock him right out

Demons get bun, catch the flight right out

Ain’t playing no games, no nights out

All night prayers, that’s what I’m about

Verse 2:

I’m going crazy, for the souls

I’ll do anything yeah for the souls

Imma rap fast, making tracks for the souls

Ten toes on the block all for the souls

You see I’ll do anything for the souls

A soul is a soul and is precious to God

Those that are humble are closer to God

Those that are proud are far from him, far from him

He is my God, I call him Elohim

He is my God, I call him Adonai

He is my God, I call him Jehovah

People say I’m lucky like I got a four leaf clover

I say nah, it’s God Jehovah
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