Amos Lee

"Event Horizon"

[Verse 1]
Like a radio tower on another moon
Sending signals out into the universe
Reaching out for anything
Or anyone

[Verse 2]
I see you sitting right there
At the edge of the room
Oh, I wonder what you're dreaming about
I just can't begin decoding you

Like the light that falls
Behind the event horizon
Will I ever see what you really are?
You are a dark star

[Verse 3]
With the little I know
I said you took it too far
Oh, I'm sure beyond a shadow of a doubt
That we haven't said anything at all

[Verse 4]
So here's a plastic flower
With a "get well soon"
Oh, it makes me sick just thinking about it
I wanna know if you are faking it, too
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