"Somebody (Acoustic)"

[Verse 1]
When you called up my phone
I was all alone
Voice close to my ear
Like the sound of a song
You said let's take a ride
This was late July
We got lost in the night
So we drove around town
In your beat up car
Soft sounds of your breath
And the sound of my heart

Don't remember the words
I know how I felt
Is this trouble again?

I never felt like this with somebody
I never thought I'd feel like I do
I never felt this close with somebody
Somebody, somebody but you

[Verse 2]
Somеthing 'bout you and the way we fit
Like thе stars in that night
Heat of you on my skin
Hadn't known you for long but it felt like years
From the second we met, I knew things would change
Everything would change
Everything would change
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