Lil Yachty

"New Swag"

Yeah, yeah, aye, yeah, yeah, Lil Boat, Lil Boat
Aye you know what I'm sayin', flyest n*gga in this b*tch, man
n*gga what? You can't ignore me, n*gga
n*ggas know who I am, n*ggas know where I be
n*ggas know it's Nas, what? Digital Boat, aye
Digital Boat, Digital Boat, you feel me?
Aye n*ggas keep talkin' down man
n*gga talkin' down on me, n*gga
How you gonna talk down on me like I ain't just f*ck your b*tch a couple times n*gga?
What's my name n*gga? Holla at me, what's good? Aye

Spiked a Xan and my new b*tch feelin' she mixed like a panda, aye
Aye, newest n*gga on the scene, the freshest in Atlanta, woah
Woah, how the f*ck you gon' talk down like you ain't know my name?
Huh, triple chain swing, all these b*tches know my name
Damn, you could call me Boat, call me Yachty, I don't give a damn
Just don't call collect, huh
b*tch n*gga show respect, damn
Should've went to college the way I'm in Georgia with this tech
Woah, youngest n*gga with a check, huh
All these b*tches finna flock to a young n*gga when a n*gga flex
Yeah, I got diamonds on my neck
Yeah, run up on me, that's a wreck
Huh, don't you diss me through a text
Huh, that's Big Boat to all you pet n*ggas
All you lil n*ggas got me vexed, damn
Youngest n*gga in the game, huh
Closest n*gga to the fame, huh

They keep on dissin' me, but they history
Damn, what happened to they rap career? That sh*t a mystery
Aye, all these b*tches on my di*k cause they know I'm next
Aye, yeah I love to flex, pus*y n*gga show respect
Damn, damn they keep on dissin' me, but they history
Yeah, what happened to they rap career? Them folks a mystery
Damn, pus*y n*gga [?], show some damn respect
Aye, yeah you know I'm next, n*gga
Yeah you know I'm next, n*gga

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