Lil Yachty

"Killin’ Time"

[Intro: Lil Yachty & Mango Foo]
Earl on the beat
Migo Gang, Boat Gang
Young n*gga come out the house with 20 chains, 10 rings

Yup, gang, gang, gang
Uh, uh, uh (Okay)

[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]
Step on the pedal, my dog out the kennel
Real diamonds cover up all of the metal
Send out my men, turn your wife to a widow
Come through yo' window with chops and extendos
We not friends, gang, kinfolk
I'm in Virgina, Pharrell, Norfolk
Run to the bag, your new n*gga a slowpoke (Ooh)
Bro in the car, not for fun but the gun tote (Ayy)
Lil Yachty fly and so cool that your son wrote
Beat on your b*tch, break her back 'til it's no more
Richer than most, take a trip in a G4 (Yeah)
I'm goin' crazy, Barkley, CeeLo
I'm in a ocean, rockin', steamboat (Woo)
Got this lil' b*tch, suckin', deepthroat
Stay with my brothers, Michael, Tito
Shoutout my slime, what's up Sito?

[Interlude: Lil Yachty]
I slap, right?
(Shuh, shay, shay, shay, shay)

[Verse 2: Offset]
Switch out my cars like I switch up my b*tches (Switch)
She pop a bar and she suck out my kids (Ooh)
I dropped the top off the coupe (Coupe)
Girls goin' wild 'cause I'm flashin' all titties (Who)
50 on the pinky, that's a pretty, pretty penny (Penny)
Hit 'em with the stick, might get a life sentence (Stick)
Trappin' out the bando when the windows all tinted (Tinted)
What you say? Hit 'em with the 5 'fore he finish (What you say?)
Drippin' in diamonds, VVS (Water)
Smokin' on Cookie from Nexus (Cookie)
Boogers, they cut through my fleshes (Baguettes)
We go retarded, dyslexic (Retarded)
Catch him when he gettin' off the exit (Brr, brr, brr)
Hit your b*tch, ran with her, it's a pick six (Woo)
All gang and the gang gon' blitz sh*t (Gang)
I got the white and the brown, that's a mixed b*tch (Mixed)
White grits on the right and the left wrist (White)
Pop sh*t, we gon' add you to the hitlist (Brr)
Choppa get to poppin', spittin' like it got a lisp
Discontinue all you n*ggas like the Activis (Hey)

[Verse 3: Mango Foo]
Running through the money, tryna break the bank
Right wrist water, and my neck like a fish tank (Fish tank)
When I'm on the block, big bank take lil' bank (Take lil' bank)
Sippin' on the drank, double cup, no Kool-Aid
And we takin' shots at a n*gga like 2K (Pew, pew)
Whippin' straight drop out the pot, no due date
Lost my top, tryna find it on the freeway (Skrt, skrt)
Run the money up with my team like a relay
Jump in the coupe do a drag race (Drag race)
These n*ggas keep goin' out the sad way (The sad way)
Do no talkin', let's see what the MAC say (What the MAC say)
A whole lotta blue faces, no sad day (Cash)
And the garage it look like a dealership (Skrt)
You can't get in my gang, need a membership (Gang)
Too much money involved, you can't interfere (Can't interfere)
And I'm sippin' on syrup, not no Benadryl (Not no Benadryl)

[Outro: Lil Yachty]
Stupid, yeah

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