Lil Yachty


[Intro: Rio Da Yung OG]
(Enrgy made this one)
What up, Enrgy?
What up, Lil Boat?
sh*t, alright

[Verse 1: Rio Da Yung OG]
I got long money, b*tch
Ain't nobody give me sh*t, I got my own money, b*tch
Yachty pulled up in the 'Rari with the chrome on him, b*tch
Been spendin' money since the day I got ahold of the sh*t
Chrome Hearts shirts, AMIRI jeans with the rips in 'em
Jetfire Glocks, extended clips, sh*t'll get ignant
"Rio, why your pop look like that?" It's a six in it
Don't be steppin' 'round my kitchen by the oven, it's a brick in it
Plain AP on my wrist, it's a brick on me
Damn she cute and she thick, I'll trick on it
Walkin' through the Valley with my stick on me
Baby girl, these is not McQueens, these Rick Owens
Wait 'til my b*tch daddy go to sleep, hit a lick on him
He soft, back in the day my daddy took a half a brick from him
Movin' 'round six cars deep like it's a hit on me
Hundred round drum on the AR, I'm tryna hit somethin'

[Verse 2: Lil Yachty]
I'll march to Flint for a pint of Act'
And as long as it prints, we gon' get the racks
Grindhard E put up them hoes, call him Midget Mac
I'll really get a n*gga gone, this ain't this or that
I ain't tryna argue on no phone, goin' tit-for-tat
My old b*tch bad, I love her body, it's tats on her tit
Used to tote ARs, now a n*gga tote the Sig now
Downtown Detroit, my phone trippin', ain't no signal
Used to be a jit but I grew up, yeah, I'm big now
My brother bust a wig down, my first crib was a penthouse
On my own, I was eighteen
Boat and Rio, goddamn, we the A-team
And I love this lil' b*tch, this b*tch Asian
And she never gon' get old, never aging
Puttin' numbers on his head like I'm Nick Saban
Like it's 2030, pull up with a ray beam
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