Take a Hike* lyrics


Lil Yachty

Lyrics From Snippet

[?] on the [?]
Ride like a bike
f*ck her, take a hike (Damn)
f*ck her, take a hike (Oh)
Keep a check like Nike (Yup)
I just wanna bike, oops, sike
My new b*tch a dyke (Yup)
I got twenty two diamonds and they super bright
I got my ring inside my [?] like I’m Jerry Rice
Gang of n*ggas in the hollow, like they shootin’ dice (For real)
But they not nice (Oh), I won’t tell you twice
Aye, I heard your new b*tch want some more, n*gga
Put her on the floor, n*gga
Imma break the headboard
Aye what it’s hittin’ on? b*tch watch yo’ voice tone
I’m blacked out, skin tone, on your b*tch ringtone
Watch me make a milli’ in a week, though
I just f*cked a freak, woah
She wet like the street…..
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