Story Time* lyrics


Lil Yachty

Lyrics From Snippet

Never forget, shoulda went on ya birthday
Think it was a Thursday
You was on that, I was on that bullsh*t
You was back home, from that school sh*t
Claimin’ that you miss me, but I ain’t tryna’ hear sh*t
Back to the story though, stop actin’ rhetorical
Everything I bought, take it back
You ain’t want it, no
Tell me everything that you want and you need to know
[?] My stone gettin' [?]
Unh, you left me, you keep cryin’, you left me
Girl, shut ya mouth, I still think that you sexy
You my main b*tch, keep your neck lookin’ icy
n*gga touch you, that n*gga gotta fight me, for real
I know I don’t do everything that I say sometimes
I know I make promises, but I promise you mine
I know you no longer love me, but can you act this…
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